Black Eurhythmics (Mic Swinging) 2012

This performance is a result of the artist's interpretation of 'Mic Swinging', a minor American genre of trick playing with a microphone and it's cable. Rodeh invited Idan Porges, a contemporary dancer, to try mic swinging while the microphone is amplified by a specially designed sound system. During the first part of the performance, his mic swings are in sync with the sounds the song performed by guitar player and vocalist. In the second part, the microphone output is filtered through different guitar pedal effects, which convert the feedbacks naturally created into a whole world of new sounds. The result is a mixture between rodeo rope handling, Elvis Presley moves and more abstract relations of body and sound, affecting one another in circular motion.




The was commissioned by Outset Israel 


Approx. 10 min Live Performance

Mic swinging: Idan Porges; Guitar and vocals: Uri Brauner Kinrot; Sound design: Yitzhak Yizhaky