The Resurrection of Dead Masters  2012

"At first glance, everything seems normal about “The Resurrection of Dead Masters”. Just an entrance to any generic store downtown. But then suddenly strong knocks come from behind the inner door, along with heavy metal tunes. The vibrating heavy shakes are in perfect sync with the music playing, actually replace the singing. The physical effect is overwhelming. The door is locked and the procedure occurs in loops. 

Alona Rodeh’s The Resurrection of Dead Masters continues her investigation of the interrelations between sculpting and the perception of space on the one hand, and music and sound on the other—at times complementing each other, at other times seeking to break each other apart."

—Ran Kasmi Ilan


The work was first commissioned by the Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon

Curator: Ran Kasmi Ilan. Documentation of the install in Winnipeg, Canada (an offsite project of Plug-In ICA): Matthew Swatzky