New Positions 2018

"Off-the-shelf technology plays an important part in Alona Rodeh’s exploration of the material and visual culture of safety, a culture which has surprising but strong affiliations with clubbing, fashion, theatre and architecture. It is the culture of our times. Not just through fear politics and rhetorics, but through the objects and environments, the images and sounds shaping our lives in cities today. We are blindly dominated by safety, performed for us and on us as a magic trick, as an illusion. As we walk away from the booth in the fair, we are met with a photograph of a man from the back. Facing but not having access to the booth itself, his position is that of tension - will he ever get to peek behind the curtain? Will we?"

—Gilly Karjevsky 


Solo presentation "New Positions" section Art Cologne 2018 with Christine König Galerie, Wien


Reflective drape curtain, engine, 3 stretched canvases with reflective curtain, 2 C-Prints mounted on Plexiglass in metal structures; 2 tinted black MDF and aluminum sculptures.


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