Rachid (from the Safe and Sound Poster Series) 2015

Rachid (from the Safe and Sound Poster Series) is a single channel video portrait. Following the screen tests of Andy Warhol, the person filmed is challenged by flickering hazard-like lights. In contrast to this reference, here the person present is unfamiliar. The only info on display is his name, hinting at his ethnic roots. The sound follows the image: occasionally on the police’s side (sirens), occasionally on the dance floor (techno). The projection is screened on retro-reflective fabric, creating a double strobe effect: the harsh lights hits the protagonist and also bounces back at the viewer.




HD single channel color video 3:02 min in loop

70x125 cm vertical projection on reflective fabric


Camera: Vlad Margulis; Editing: Daphna Keinan Sound: Muledriver (Harel Schreiber)